Dental implants are an effective treatment whether you need a single tooth or a pair of teeth replacement. With the help of dental implants, you can improve your smile and confidence levels. However, if you’re a dental implant processed by an inexperienced dentist, there’s a high chance that the treatment might go wrong, and the result thus produced might not be as effective as it should have been. 

If you experience discomfort, pain and bleeding a few days after the treatment has been completed, you must visit the dentist immediately to check the implantation. For professional implants in Bedford, approach a renowned dental clinic. 

Below are some of the reasons that show why dental implants are necessary

Misaligned implants

Sometimes the dentist may fail to place the implant in the ideal position. Misalignment of the implant can be a cause of a problem in the long run. If not set correctly, the bone and the implant might be misaligned. The crowns will look natural if appropriately placed; otherwise, the dark grey metals of the height will be visible. 

Teeth nerve damage 

Nerve damage is rare; however, this might occur anytime after the implantation. This happens mainly if an inexperienced dentist has done the dental implantation. If you experience numbness and lingering pain in the dental implantation area, then be sure that the implantation has been done improperly. With the help of a proper treatment plan, you can get rid of the nerve damage problem. 

Gum infections

One of the significant infections that occur after dental implantation is Peri-implantitis. This is caused due to invasion of a foreign body into the gums. You might experience inflammation inside the mouth after the process is completed. If such a situation occurs, then, in the long run, there’s a high chance that you’re experiencing peri-implantitis. 

Damaged Osseointegration 

Osseointegration is a term that is generally used to describe the development of the link between bone and new titanium implants. This process usually takes a few months before the damage gets noticed. If this damage sets in, the implant will not wholly merge with the jawbone. 

Allergic reaction 

Dental implants involve the insertion of a foreign thing into the body. This can cause an allergic reaction in the gums. Sometimes the human body tends to reject the foreign body. Under such circumstances, unimaginable damage might occur in the implant. 

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