Are you suffering from tooth loss? Dental implants are the most feasible option. Dental implants look natural and give the experience of a natural tooth. However, do you know everything about dental implants? Many people walk into a dental clinic and need a fair idea about dental implants. 

You must book appointments with professional and experienced clinics for good-quality implants in Bedford. The dentists will brief you about the do’s, don’ts and interesting facts about the dental implants. Ignorance is bliss – but not in matters of health. 

Know more about dental implants before you opt for the same. 

Five interesting facts about dental implants to know before treatment

Aftertaste of dental implants 

If you’ve opted for titanium implants, you might expect to get the feel of a metallic taste in your mouth. However, that is not the case. Whether you opt for titanium or ceramic, all types of implants are tasteless. You will not feel anything in your mouth. 

Proper age for getting implants 

Children below the age group of 18 years are not suitable for implants. It would be best if you opted for an implant from the age range of mid-twenties and thirties to be on the safer side. Again, if you’ve crossed the threshold of 80 years, it is better not to think or opt for dental implants. Age can be a major factor in the success of implants. 

Dental implants do not impact metal detectors

Many people think that getting titanium implants can set off the metal detector. However, this is a myth. You can safely travel through the air, check into the malls and not feel like a human metal walking around. Titanium implants are not magnetic and will not alarm you whenever you cross a metal detector. 

Implants do not change face shape 

If you’ve got a full mouth of implants, it might affect the bite alignment. However, it will not affect the shape of your face in any way. A single dental implant will not impact the bite alignment or the shape of the face. On the other hand, a mouth full of dentures will improve the same. 

Bone grafting is necessary before a dental implant

Some patients have experienced bone and tooth loss, which must be fixed before they opt for dental implant treatment. Bone grafting is the process of regenerating the lost bones and improving facial structure. It is a fairly normal, painless process for all patients looking for dental implant treatments. 

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