Even after taking excellent care of your teeth, you might develop white spots on your teeth. Dentists suggest twice-a-day brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups. Even after following this regime, you might end up with dental spots. There are numerous medical reasons for white spots to appear. It’s important to understand the reasons behind white spots. Sometimes without understanding the reasons, people go for teeth whitening treatments. However, they fail to get the desired outcome. 

If you’re searching for dentists who can help you with teeth whitening in Bedford, then make sure that you check out the reasons for the white spots. Read on to know more. 

What are the causes of white spots on teeth?

Dental fluorosis

Fluorosis is a common condition that occurs mainly in children. If your child is exposed to excess fluoride, it might cause tooth discolouration and white spots. Sometimes tap water also contains fluoride. If you drink or wash your teeth with tap water repeatedly, you might develop fluorosis. With the help of teeth whitening, you might not be able to solve this problem. 

Enamel hypoplasia

Again in case you’ve malnutrition or you’ve been born prematurely or suffering from high fever and illness, then you might end up developing white spots in your teeth. 


When bacteria builds up over time on the enamel of teeth, it might result in mineral loss from teeth. This process is known as demineralisation. Due to demineralisation, you might develop white spots on your teeth. These white spots might also be a sign of tooth decay. 

How to treat white spots in teeth?

 If you have white spots for any of the mentioned reasons, the first and foremost treatment includes changing dental hygiene. For enamel hypoplasia, professional dental teeth whitening treatment might be helpful. 

However, for fluorosis, this process is of no use. Both adults and children must brush at least twice daily for five minutes at a time. This will help you get rid of the bacteria content from the teeth. 

Moreover, dentists will also prescribe fluoride gel to help you strengthen the enamel of the teeth and prevent the cavities from turning into white spots. For permanent tooth discolouration problems, cosmetic dentistry treatment might be necessary. 

Is teeth whitening treatment effective?

What should you expect if you opt for teeth whitening treatment for any problems mentioned earlier? If the treatment works and there’s no internal problem with the teeth enamel, you can expect a long-lasting solution for your discoloured tooth. 

Within 1 hour of the treatment, you can get fast results and notice a sparkling pair of teeth. Bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide are used for the teeth-whitening process. Even after a few months, you will see similar results. If the tooth is not decayed or damaged by cavities, then you can expect the teeth to remain white.  

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